The “Oh Jesus!” slide

There are more than enough blog posts on how to cook up a great fundraising deck. I think the consensus is that at early stages you ideally don’t have one at all (instead an alpha / beta version of your product) and for later rounds the shorter the better.

The only thing I would want to add is that no matter if your pitch deck is 5 slides or 30 slides, you definitely should try and have a slide my partner Jason calls the “Oh Jesus!” slide. What Jason is describing is the reaction of the audience to that slide. This slide basically sums up in a single claim / picture why you are building something of incredible value. Here are some obvious ones:

  • A slide showing an exponential growth curve and where various continued trajectories will lead to in 1,2,3 years
  • A slide showing how you have built incredible engagement / passion per user / customer
  • A slide showing why your positioning / what you are building allows you to own a very large market or create it

These are some over simplified examples but you get the picture. The slide should be uncluttered and speak for itself. Talk to it; create  discussion around it; spend time on it. Don’t get lost in the other less relevant parts. You may want to start with it, you may want it to end with it – it may be the highlight in the middle that triggers the right thinking for the rest of the discussion. But no matter where you put it, make sure to have an “Oh Jesus!” slide.

  • Anibal Damião (@damiansen)

    I know a guy that turned their dashboard on as the first thing and asked VC’s to check it again at the end of the meeting. “Oh Jesus” slide but live 🙂

    • berlinvc