Entrepreneurship is the new normal in Europe

A few weeks ago the folks at the factory put together a great pop-up (as you do these days) tech conference called Startup Europe Conference. Lots of people came from all over Europe – an ecosystem of increasingly connected dots.

What stuck with me though was something Christophe Maire said in passing. He probably didn’t think much of it; I’ve been thinking about it a lot since then. He said, “you know, entrepreneurship is now the new normal in Europe.”

Christophe is right; something has changed over the last 1-2 years and we didn’t notice it. Thinking about it, the attitude has developed like this over the years:

  • Wow we’re a [Berlin / Stockholm / London / etc] startup
  • Wow we’re a startup
  • Wow we’re solving this really big problem

And politicians, media, non-tech folks have started admiring their local scenes and celebrating them. It’s not a freak show any longer.

Don’t get me wrong – there is so much left to do; but I like this new normal.

The panel at the conference was a few weeks back and I’m not even sure what we were talking about. But I do know it was called “50 Shades of Green” and was fun:

  • Gonzalo Arenas

    Great discussion in the video – and good point about being patient with the ecosystem in Berlin and its organic growth.

    I think its a good sign though that entrepreneurs are hungry for more. There is a deficit of ambition in the world, and its this sort of hunger that will fortify the scene.

    • http://www.berlinvc.com Ciarán O’Leary


  • http://www.sunstonecommunication.com Kenny Fraser

    Speaking from Scotland I agree that entrepreneurship is much more common and more applauded. We need to develop a mindset that encourages break out growth as well.

    • http://www.berlinvc.com Ciarán O’Leary

      I am sure / hope that this will follow.