Local discovery on… Instagram

This morning when I checked Instagram I had notifications that an account called eatingberlin had liked two of my pictures I had taken at Berlin restaurants. It reminded me that I had seen others like berlinfoodguide or berlinfoodstories – so I followed all 3 of them to make sure I’m in the loop on new food hotspots in Berlin.

In any case I remember somewhere I had seen one of the accounts reference a new coffee shop called Casita. This is it:

A photo posted by casita (@casita_berlin) on

I had always wanted to check out their coffee and space but had never found the time recently. And then I had another notification that an account called masterwolfcoldbrew had followed me. I am not sure why but I may have developed a slight reputation as an extreme coffee nerd and I’m lucky to be on some kind of list of emerging coffee brewers and sometimes samples etc will just show up at the office. I am not going to complain about being on that list. In any case this is their cold brew; it is very good (not my hands in case you are wondering, but taken from their Instagram account):

A photo posted by @masterwolfcoldbrew on

So I checked out masterwolfcoldbrew‘s Instragram profile and the first picture I saw was this:

So basically a place I had discovered through Instagram had the coffee in stock that had discovered me (?) on Instagram. Cleary this was a sign I had to take action on.

So this morning I went to Casita and got a Master Wolf cold brew. It’s one the best things I have done in a while – the place is magical and so is the coffee. If you are in Berlin I recommend you do the same soon as long as the summer is still around.

This is not really news to many – but I walked away thinking local discovery on Instagram is something I am be going to be doing more off.

P.S. for the folks in Berlin: A few minutes later I walked in to the new St.Oberholz at Zehdenicker Straße. The barista spotted my cold brew and then gave me a free sample of his own cold brew he does at home asking for feedback. So a shout out to Brewhund. Man I love the coffee in this city right now.

  • Danilo S. Carlucci

    Great story! It reminds me of my recent trip to Bergen during which I took a food pic at the harbour and the next day I had 10 amazing Norwegian restaurants following me! Sadly, by the time I noticed I was already back in Berlin, which unlike in your case, meant that I wasn’t able to visit any of the “places that discovered me”. The serendipitous discovery element of Instagram is truly amazing and definitely one of its most valuable gems. Btw, here is the pic I had shot: http://bit.ly/1JqpPQ3 😉

    • http://www.berlinvc.com Ciarán O’Leary

      Interesting. Even as a vegetarian – that looks good.