A new venture firm called BlueYard

http://fitchlawgroup.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://fitchlawgroup.com/whats-the-first-steps/ You may have noticed a significant decay in my blogging activity recently. My excuse is that over the last few months Jason Whitmire and I have started a new venture firm called BlueYard Capital and that took up a fair amount of attention and time. With the help of our entrepreneurs, our co-investors and a whole… Continue reading

Due diligence should go both ways: VC check-list for entrepreneurs

VC-entrepreneur relationships can be like marriages, just that the likelihood of a divorce (exit, wind-down) is 100%. But until then its important you forge a good working relationship. Not become friends (although that can happen it may not always be a great idea), but the entrepreneur should see the VC as a trusted advisor and… Continue reading